Delayed eating

My second share consists of 2 heads of lettuce and a lettuce blend, spinach, radishes, Nappa cabbage, broccoli, cauliflower, zucchini, and garlic scapes. Did I miss something? This is all I can remember.  There was so much in the box and my excitement level was high with travel on my mind. I am traveling to see my family and will bring most, if not all, of this produce with me. I am worried about finding enough cooler space for the vegetables during the two-day travel period.
To prepare the items for storage and transportation items are wrapped in white cotton toweling and placed in plastic bags. The radishes, broccoli, and cauliflower have been placed in the only plastic container that will make the journey. Not all the bags could fit in the cooler and plans for a substitute cooler are made. (Purchasing a second cooler was out of the question.) Luckily, I came up with a solution and will place frozen bottles of water in the makeshift cooler on the first day of the journey. An ice block will go into the cooler. The second day of the journey would mean emptying the water from the containers and filling them with cubed ice purchased while on the road. This is more work than I had wanted.
Hours before the trip is to begin, plans must be changed due to pet illness. This is the third time the vacation is delayed due to the cat. I decide to get some groceries to use with the spinach and the lettuces. Dinner is steamed spinach with feta and walnuts and deviled eggs. This spinach dish is made from fresh or frozen spinach, is healthy, and quick. Salads will be on the menu for tomorrow.


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