Veggie Days

Mom is both happy and stressed to have all the fresh produce as she loves fresh fruits and veggies, but she is freaking out. Right now, all the produce is wrapped in white toweling and placed in a zipped plastic bag along with a blue-stripe towel (to help absorb the moisture).  She can’t see what is in the bag and this unnerves her. I tell her it is lettuce as I brought with me three types of lettuce! 
She declared Tuesday to be Vegetable Day. Breakfast was steamed spinach with a fried egg. I like this breakfast as it is quick, nutritious, tasty, and the clean up is easy. The key is to cook the egg, but not let the yolk get hard. The runny egg yolk helps add flavor to the steamed spinach. We used all the spinach and this makes mom happier. She is still stressed over the never-ending lettuce. 
For dinner we plan to finish the fake potato salad made with cauliflower, have a lettuce salad, some radishes (ugh!) and cook and eat the broccoli. We are definitely on a mission to eat our veggies. Fun does not enter the decisions. 
Later in the week we will focus on the Napa cabbage. I vote for coleslaw and given the family is coming over for a fish fry dinner, this is a perfect way to use the cabbage. Problem is, there is a lot of the cabbage, hope everyone is in the mood to try a new slaw.

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