The longest two weeks

This week I had the opportunity to stop by the CSA farm and spend a bit of time speaking with the guys who grow my food. Looks like there may be some eggplant in the next week’s share! I will need to dig out my recipe for an eggplant parmesan which is neater and lower in calories than traditional recipes.  My friend Bob is sending recipes to me and I will have to try at least one.  But I digressed, the point I want to share is: since the visit my mind has been on recipes which will use what I expect, and hope, will be in the next share box. 
The farm fields are filled with various green leaves sprinkled with the reds of tomato, the purple of eggplants, and the colors of vegetables I did not get a chance to see up close. The hills provide a backdrop of green and help fence off the cares and stresses of the real world. Across the road is the river, filled to the banks, and helping to create a place of serenity and calm. If I could handle the heat, I could work in the field all day long. Just at a much slower pace than the guys who own the farm! The guys work at a remarkably fast pace and keep up even when the temperatures are in the high 90’s.
The tomatoes have begun to reach the fully ripened stage. If all goes well, they will be a part of the share. More will be needed in order to satisfy my cravings and I will have to find a source to fill my need for paste tomatoes. My plans are to make catsup, tomato sauce, barbeque sauce, and possibly salsa. I can’t process all those tomatoes without craving them in dishes and sandwiches. Lately, I want a cherry tomato and prosciutto salad, a bacon, lettuce, and tomato sandwich, and anything else with tomatoes! All of this because I see the tomatoes in the field and on the farm market table.
Before I leave, I stop at the nearby farm stand and select a more onions, cherry tomatoes, and corn. I cannot wait for my next share box. This has been the longest two week period of my life.

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