Chocolate Cake!

Chocolate Cake Testing Week
Bill Cosby may have served his children chocolate cake for breakfast, but I did not eat chocolate cake for breakfast. I ate it at lunch, at dinner, and as a between-meal snack. This week I had the wonderful task of deciding which of two chocolate cakes was better. The task was not easy. In fact, I was comparing two different recipes and icing styles.
First up, the two layer cake with fluffy chocolate icing and dark chocolate pieces dotting the bottom edge of the cake. I took an early taste test by using my finger to scoop a bit of icing from the plate for a taste of what is certainly one of the best icings I have eaten. Second to be tasted was the homemade triple layer death by chocolate cake. Three layers of cake topped with a ganache-like icing. Simple in appearance, but not simple in taste.
Although I tried my best with multiple taste tests occurring over several days I was unable to determine which cake was better. The work will continue to determine the best chocolate cake experience.

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