My friend Bob

A very dear friend recently gave me a wonderful gift of three red jalapenos he let ripen on his plants. We were having lunch when I mentioned the need for red jalapenos because I wanted to roast them in order to make my own chipotle peppers. Or a close approximation as the peppers would be oven roasted because I lack a smoker and I am not able to dig an in-ground smoking pit. The problem I was experiencing is the two-fold: most people do not realize jalapenos turn red when left on the vine and I had never smoked peppers.
The peppers were cut in half lengthwise with the seeds and membrane removed then placed into my cast iron pan. These were put into a too-hot oven and began to blacken too early in the process. The temperature was reduced, but some was lost to charring. Ideally, these would be smoked in a smoker with a hardwood to help provide flavor. Maybe some day.
What did I do with my now-roasted jalapenos? I put them in a jar and will use them in my cooking this weekend. I have a plan for them. I will keep you updated.

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