National Cookie Month

With today being Homemade Cookie Day and the start of National Cookie Month, I have taken the liberty to post early in the week. Cookies are a favorite treat of mine and I enjoy making cookies as I find the baking process to be relaxing.  The weather is still beautiful with warm days and cool nights. These cool nights signal holiday baking season is soon around the corner. 
Each year the selection of holiday cookies I bake changes, but a few cookies make an annual appearance.  Peanut butter, sugar cookies, gingerbread, and snowballs are on the holiday trays. The specific cookie selection is influenced by family members who tell me they want to eat, as well as what I want to bake, and those recipes which find their way into my hands.
Years ago, a cookie came into my hands and is now baked each year, but this particular cookie never makes it to anyone in my family. (It does not travel or freeze well.) It is a delicious, decadent and beautiful thumbprint cookie. So, these particular cookies I give to friends and, mostly, keep for myself. These cookies are a cherry and coconut thumbprint cookie. The coconut turns a beautiful brown and the accent of a bright red cherry is both beautiful and tasty. They are a bit of heaven in my mouth. If I could only make one cookie each year it would be this one. While it takes a bit of time to roll the dough in coconut and add the whole cherry, it is time well spent as the payoff is amazing. Use your favorite thumbprint recipe or give me a heads up and I will send the recipe I use. 
Enjoy National Cookie Month and try a new recipe and share with friends and family.  May this be the start of the best baking season you have experienced.

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