Good Gumbo!

Gumbo on the stove!
Gumbo on the stove!

The container of gumbo was screaming for cornbread. This time the cornbread was mad with a nod to Grandma Dunn. That is, with homemade lard (yes, I make lard). Good gumbo (get the recipe from a southern friend) and cornbread is perfect for a snowy day. They warm the body and the soul. My gumbo came from friends Bob and Peggy, both southerners so they know real gumbo. Initially, when Bob asked if I liked gumbo, I replied ‘I don’t like the gumbo at the national chain restaurant.’ To which he responded I had not had real gumbo and gave me a container of his homemade gumbo. It was the most wonderful gumbo. I will be making some soon.

My favorite cornbread recipes.
My favorite cornbread recipes.

Corn bread or cornbread, whether baked in a square, round, or muffin pan is a favorite of mine. I like it for breakfast or as a side at dinner. There is no favorite cornbread recipe in my house. I try many cornbread recipes. The southern style recipes (more sugar) are among my favorite as they satisfy the sweet tooth. There is also the cornbread recipe with blueberries. White or yellow, it doesn’t matter. Best baked in a cast iron skillet with stoneware bakery a close second, but I won’t say no to a cornbread muffin baked in a paper liner.

dry and wet for cornbreadI love cornbread so much that I have a favorite cornbread cookbook. The Cornbread Book: A love story written by Jeremy Jackson. I have tried about half the cornbread recipes and often find myself returning to the Buttermilk Cornbread recipe. I love it and it is impossible to mess up. This recipe came in handy a few weeks ago when I made it for a bring-a-dish lunch. I helped when Just One Seed Farm dismantled the hoop house in order for it to be moved to Hand Picked Farm in New Jersey. That cornbread was good. If I had remembered to bring the caramel topping, the cornbread would have been perfect!


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