Bacon Chex Mix!!

I love bacon and I love the original version of Chex Mix. You know the one: you had to make it and bake; the product did not sit on the grocery store shelves awaiting you to come by and put in your grocery basket. So

The ingredients sitting where Skibb sits when I am in the kitchen.
The ingredients sitting where Skibb sits when I am in the kitchen.

when I heard the original Chex Mix recipe had called for bacon drippings and the result was the best version possible, I decided to make a batch, what I knew would be the holy grail of the Chex Mix world. .  (For the record, bacon drippings as an ingredient doesn’t gross me out, fat is fat.)

So I researched and researched and located multiple recipes with bacon drippings as an ingredient; I studied, compared, contrasted, added, subtracted and ultimately decided upon a final list of ingredients, proportions, and times. To the grocery store I went to pick up the necessary ingredients (and forgetting about the bacon in the freezer!) Luck was with me that day as all the ingredients were on sale!

Soon, 6 pieces of bacon were in the skillet.

Sizzling away!
Sizzling away!

Slow to start sizzling, I realized in my excitement I had not remembered to turn on the burner.  Problem resolved and soon after I removed the cooked bacon. In went the butter,

Worcestershire sauce, and the seasonings.  All of these melded together in the skillet for a few minutes.

The Liquid gold! OK, so it isn't gold.
The Liquid gold! OK, so it isn’t gold.

Finally, the butter mixture was poured over the cereal mixture (corn and rice Chex, peanuts, and plain bagel chips), stirred, and spread onto two baking sheets. Then into the preheated oven for 75 minutes with a stir every 15 minutes. Once finished, the pans cooled for about 30 minutes  before most of the mixture went into storage containers  and into the freezer. I did withhold one container

because I was so excited to put my feet up, watch a movie, and snack away!

Immediately upon tasting the excitement faded and turned into disappointment as the bacon flavor did not come through as promised.

Such a beautiful sight.
Such a beautiful sight.

The mix was neither good nor bad, just disappointing. Actually, the bacon flavor was not detectable at all. I had spent $16 purchasing the ingredients and the result was blah. One recipe had included bacon pieces, but I don’t think they would have saved the mix. Maybe next time.

Happy New Year everyone!


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