Tilly Mint’s Tea, the best place to be!

The tower of treats.
The tower of treats.

I ate a lady bug. Never thought I would eat any bug. Let me tell you the whole story and you tell me if you would like to eat a lady bug.

The experience of tea as prepared and served by tea professionals is to be savored when lucky enough to find and visit Tilly Mint’s Tea Room in Souderton, Pennsylvania. This award winning tea room provides perfect tea service in an English tea room.  I love tea and the tea experience. There is no other experience quite like it. I can easily remove myself from the pressures of the day with each sip of properly brewed loose leaf tea. With this in mind I looked forward to my visit to Tilly Mint’s.

Tilly Mint’s offers an exceptionally delightful tea experience. My first decision was to decide which tea experience I wanted. I opted for a full-meal tea, the Wavertree, to ensure I would have a potato crusted quiche with bacon and tomato. For my tea, I selected one of the daily special tea offerings, Margaret’s Hope. (Don’t worry about having to come to agreement with others at the table as everyone is allowed their own personal pot of tea.)

My pot of tea was perfectly brewed. The house salad (lettuce, apple slices, and poppy seed dressing) is so good I plan to replicate it in my kitchen. The quiche was delicious and served just before the dramatic unveiling of the tea tier. (The tier is my favorite part of the tea experience.) A tower of treats beautifully displayed for my visual and taste enjoyment.

The Tilly Mint's lady bug.
The Tilly Mint’s lady bug.

On this tower was a lady bug. I ate it. I loved it. The lady bug sandwich is the signature sandwich at Tilly Mint’s and is constructed with a black olive head, cherry tomato wings with tiny wing spots. It is not possible to select a favorite tea when at Tilly Mint’s. All of the sandwiches are delicious and each for a different reason. The lady bug is both delicious and pretty. The asparagus roll provided a crisp texture while the gingerbread sandwich and cranberry twirl each provided a bit of seasonal taste to the sandwich selection.

Next up were the scones which I find mandatory when having tea. Feel free to spread the clotted cream, curd and the preserves on your scones. I did.  Finally, the desserts were both beautiful and great tasting. The Princess Diana crème brulee was my first dessert choice and I found it very creamy and very good.  (Tilly Mint’s

Perfect scones.
Perfect scones.

uses the recipe published by the princess’s private chef.) The peanut butter shake is a mousse in a miniature shake-like cup topped with whipped cream and a pretzel straw. This was so good, I wanted to lick the shake cup to ensure I had every last bit of the peanut butter mousse.  My server. LeeAnne, was appreciative of the fact I did not do this!

If you have not had the experience of properly brewed loose leaf tea served in a china pot and consumed from a china tea cup or the experience of a properly served tea call Tilly Mint’s and make reservations (you will need them, Tilly’s is very, very busy). Keep in mind, Tilly Mint’s can fill their reservations two weeks ahead during slower periods. In fact, Tea with Santa can be completely booked in August!

Ending with the peanut butter shake!
Ending with the peanut butter shake!

Stop in at the gift shop to purchase a tea or accessories for recreating the experience of tea in your own home (my guess is you won’t meet the Tilly Mint’s standards).


5 thoughts on “Tilly Mint’s Tea, the best place to be!

  1. My friends & I found Tilly Mint’s several years ago, from a recommendation in our area; We usually manage at least 1 trip a year. It is truly the best tearoom we have ever experienced. I’ve visited Tilly Mint’s with my niece and we’ve met a sister and another niece! We absolutely LOVE Tilly Mint’s.


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