My Sweet Potato Pound Cake

My first Bundt cake, it was delicious!
My first Bundt cake, it was delicious!

Last summer, I checked out a cookbook from the library simply because I don’t have the space to own every cookbook on the market. This cookbook, devoted solely to cake, had but one recipe of interest to me. The title of the cookbook is long forgotten, but the sweet potato cake recipe is not forgotten. Late on those summer nights, when all was quiet, and the breeze would come through the window, I read late at night and then dreamed about cakes. I wondered if I would bake this cake first or that cake first? In my dreams I baked and enjoyed each cake (and never gained a pound). In reality, it was a year before I made the first cake, a sweet potato pound cake. It took so long for multiple reasons: I love a baked sweet potato and I did not have a Bundt pan. Not major hurdles, but I let myself get sidetracked.

Luckily, Stephen and Jonathon at Tinicum CSA grow sweet potatoes perfect for eating at dinner or using for a cake. The lure of the sweet potato was too great. I succumb to eating them with my dinner and for this particular pound cake the sweet potatoes had to be purchased from the oh-so-boring grocery store.

There was also the matter of the lack of a Bundt pan. Luck was forthcoming through my friend Linda who was looking to get rid of a Bundt pan. In my mind, it was a normal, everyday Bundt pan. In reality it was a brand new Pampered Chef stoneware Bundt pan. The new, in the box, stone Bundt pan just needed seasoning with salt and oil. It took just a few minutes to salt, oil, and place in the oven. Soon the pan was ready to be used!

Although a cake recipe can be so delicate that any change results in chaos and not cake, the original directions for the cake were lengthy and needed to be streamlined. I hope you make this cake and enjoy it as much as my friends and I enjoyed the cake. Here is the recipe.


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