Wonderful and creamy: Burrata Mozzarella

You can successfully make a single serving of pesto! Just chop the ingredients, add the Parmesan, stir in the oil.
You can successfully make a single serving of pesto! Just chop the ingredients, add the Parmesan, stir in the oil.

This week I was lucky to attend a class at Henning’s market featuring cheese from Di Bruno Brothers in Philadelphia. Lucky, because I waited too long to reserve my spot and needed to wait for someone to cancel. (Those familiar with Di Bruno Brothers understand my luck.) During the class one particular cheese shined brighter than the others. In the second course was the best mozzarella cheese: burrata mozzarella. Made with milk and cream, burrata mozzarella has a wonderful rich, creamy center.

One of the two Di Bruno Brothers cheese experts, Emilio, presented the story of his discovery of this amazing cheese while traveling in Italy as well as a recipe: pasta, roasted tomatoes, pesto, and mini burratas. Since all ingredients are ones I love, I knew I would make the pasta dish by week’s end.

The dish is simple: pasta (dry, not fresh), buratta mozzarella, pesto, and roasted tomatoes. While waiting for water to boil I made a one-serving batch of pesto, chopped the tomatoes, and brought the cheese to room temperature. After the pasta was cooked and drained, I added the remaining ingredients to the empty pan in order to allow the cheese to melt. The resulting dish is a beautiful combination of white pasta and cheese, green pesto, and red tomatoes. Visually appealing, the taste did not disappoint. This pasta is delicious.

With Di Bruno Brothers located 30 miles away, it won’t be often I get there to shop and that is a shame, but Henning’s carries their products and I hope the mini burratas are there during my next visit. This cheese will appear on my summertime menus in pasta, soups, and salads. You will enjoy burrata when it appears on your summertime menus.



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