Given a bowl of cherries? Make cherry limeades!

Use fresh cherries and limes for a refreshing summer drink.
Use fresh cherries and limes for a refreshing summer drink.

The berries of the season have arrived and are ready to be picked and packed away; savored now and throughout the year. For years, the county had a shortage of pick-your-own cherry trees, but farmers have increased the number of cherry trees they grow. This means no longer is there a mad rush the first morning the cherries are ready to be picked. Now, picking berries can be a calm, relaxing event.

This year, I began to use the fruit in drinks and discovered a cherry limeade does not need added sugar when made with sweet cherries. Just puree the berries (about 1/2 cup) add the juice of half a lime and pour over ice. It is that simple, healthy, and refreshing. I have also tried blueberry lemonade and am looking to find a recipe incorporating raspberries.

Next time you are at the store or the farm, choose a fruit and make a fruit-flavored beverage. It will be better than any flavored fruit beverage available in the store.

Sorry for the delay in posting. I had to get to the store to purchase more fruit so I could take a photo!


3 thoughts on “Given a bowl of cherries? Make cherry limeades!

  1. Diane, I will have to check out the orchard for myself. My weekend got away from me and I have not yet acquired any berries to freeze. The presence of frozen berries in my freezer is always comforting.


  2. Hello Colleen,

    I just read your message about cherries. I wanted to tell you about a place over near Boyertown, PA. It would be a bit of a ride from Newtown, but a wonderful, wonderful place. It’s called Shanesville Orchards. This past Saturday, my husband and I picked 6 lbs of black cherries and 6 lbs of Ranier cherries. I washed, pitted, and froze them. They were delicious and full of nutrition. They are on Facebook. They have peach trees, apricot, and >10 types of apple trees. Can’t wait to freeze the peaches and make applesauce!!



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