Cast iron skillets and kitchen dreams

Only cast iron skillets are allowed in my kitchen.
Only cast iron skillets are allowed in my kitchen.

It is an everyday cast iron pan, it is neither a vintage Griswold cast iron pan worth $100 or more, nor is it a Wagner collectable pan. It is a priceless cast iron pan used by my mom since her marriage in the 1950s. It is the one she used numerous times to cook bacon, eggs, pan-fry the best chicken, or to make a breakfast or dinner for her family. My mother knows the advantages of cooking with cast iron, the food tastes better. I know I will treasure the cast iron pan my mother is about to pass to me. The smoothed surface of the 60 year old pan offers a beauty and superior cooking performance.

My mother will not be without a cast iron pan. In turn for her large cast iron pan, I am providing a small cast iron pan (I have two). We will each have the cast iron pan best for our kitchen habits. Because there are two small pans in my kitchen, I will still have the right pan when needed. The exchange is more than emotional for me, cast iron is my favorite for cooking. Other materials don’t offer the flavor advantages of cast iron. Cast iron has heft to it. Cast iron forgives when it is abused. Well mostly, I have been known to warp a cast iron pan.

With this larger pan, I will again be able to make a proper pan of corn bread. Bacon will not need to be cut in half before cooking. Gravy can be made. Chicken can be pan fried. Life can be lived to its fullest when there is a large cast iron pan in the kitchen. I look forward to creating my own kitchen memories with the pan and hope your favorite kitchen memories are ones with a cast iron pan in the story.

Want to learn about cast iron pans? Click here for the Wikipedia entry.


2 thoughts on “Cast iron skillets and kitchen dreams

  1. Not long ago, my 97 year old mom gave me her cast iron cookware. She pointed out the things she bought, the things her mother bought and the things her grandmother bought.

    My fiancee bought an old Griswold dutch oven for us to use on our honeymoon. Soon after our engagement she was diagnosed with cancer and died before we were married. It took over 30 years and the strong urging of my wife before I began using it.

    A friend and I helped a widower finish up getting his home ready for sale so he could move into an assisted living facility. He heard me talking with my friend about my mom’s cast iron and when we were finished, he told me his children had taken everything they wanted, but did not want that “old stuff” (the cast iron). He went on to tell me that if I didn’t take it, he would have to have it hauled away. I could tell he was upset at this thought. It was all older Griswold and Wagner cast iron in stunningly perfect condition. I offered to buy it, but he refused my offer–instead being happy to give it to someone who would appreciate it.

    …..three treasured connections……


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