First time for collard greens!

Sorry for the delay in posting, yesterday morning I experienced technology failure on three devices. This is my first opportunity to post.


Trimmed collard greens waiting to be cooked.
Trimmed collard greens waiting to be cooked.

Collard greens. I would have bet these nutritious leafy greens had been on the dinner table numerous times during my childhood. They have the country cooking image I associate with my father who spent some time growing up with a garden and raising chickens. On a recent trip to my hometown of St. Louis, I learned collard greens were not a part of my childhood. My mother was definite she had never cooked collard greens. If she did not cook them, I did not eat them. Which does not mean if she had cooked them, I would have eaten them.

For those not familiar with this leafy green, collard greens are similar in thickness to kale and similar in color to sage. The leaves store well when properly stored. When preparing the leaves for cooking you will want to remove the stem. Not just the stem end, but the entire stem. They will be too tough even after the cooking process. Once on the stove, the greens need little attention until the end when you check for doneness. In some ways, the greens reminded me of when green beans are prepared with onion and bacon.

In the past, I opted for vegetable other than collard greens or gave to my friends Peggy and Bob who are Southerners and understand collards. To prepare the greens, she and I needed a recipe. Soon we had the Kickin’ Collard Greens Recipe . This highly rated recipe calls for common ingredients and did not fail us.

Next time you are at the farmer’s market pick up some collards and try Kicken Collard Greens. You may find a new vegetable you like.




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