No copperheads here!

Some of the blackberries I picked this year. .
Some of the blackberries I picked this year. .

Because I had not picked blueberries in early July as usual, I had to get berries in early August, after my return from vacation. Because it was so late in the season, blueberry picking was light and 90 minutes was needed to pick 2 quarts of berries. Essentially, I had to hunt down the few berries overlooked by others. But I have some blueberries in the freezer and I will be able to make the blueberry corn muffins I love so much.

On that trip to get blueberries, I had blackberries on my agenda. I opted to pick enough for a snack and return when more berries would be ripe and I was not tired from having stood in the August heat for over an hour. That next week I picked enough berries to last until next season. In the meantime, fresh blackberries are being eaten, banana-blackberry smoothies were refreshing during a recent heat wave, and I look forward to blackberry-chocolate chip muffins during the cold winters.

Each year I make Zesty Peach BBQ sauce, a peach cobbler, and eat sliced peaches on hot summer days. The Peach BBQ sauce was recommended to my cousin, Trish, who mentioned she peaches remaining after a day of canning. A few days later she posted she was making the sauce and a few people were requesting the recipe. The Zesty Peach BBQ sauce is an easy recipe made with common ingredients, and the goes well with just about any grilled meat. Note: I do not puree the ingredients, instead they remain chunky. Processing time in the water bath canner is the same as salsa recipes, so I do not alter the processing time. .

If you did not pick berries this year, I encourage you to put berry picking on your list. You will have fun, support your local farmer, and enjoy the berries all year long.

Oh, wondering about my blog post title? My sister has the best blackberries in her backyard, they are small in size, but big on flavor. The problem is there are copperhead snakes in the area. So the berries are left on the bush, but I think of those berries every summer.


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