Tea and Travels

Iced tea on a hot day. Nothing better.
Iced tea on a hot day. Nothing better.

I had not intended to stop at The Tea Shoppe in Morgantown, West Virginia. Country Roads Quilt Shop was my destination. The free 2015 Row by Row pattern was the reason to make the detour into Morgantown. This pattern was of particular interest because it is the perfect companion piece to the Stitcher’s Garden Quilt by Linda Howell (I’m on month 6 -of 12-after 5 years!) A stop would allow me to pick up the pattern and stretch my legs after hours of driving. The Tea Shoppe was a pleasant surprise.

I wandered into The Tea Shoppe and was met by the nicest young college student. She told me about the tea offerings, inquired about my preferences, and helped me select a new-to-me tea, Scottish Breakfast. It is hearty and robust and makes a wonderful hot or iced tea and is beautiful in the summer sun.

Loose tea is not an indulgence, it is an ordinary purchase with an extraordinary resulting cup of tea. If you hesitate to purchase loose tea run the numbers; loose tea is not as costly as one might think, plus you have a

Loose leaf tea has a wonderful aroma.
Loose leaf tea has a wonderful aroma.

fresher, better tasting tea. (Not certain how to prepare loose tea? Just ask the employees in your local tea shop, they will be happy to tell you.) Keep in mind, 2 ounces of tea (about $7-8) will result in about 25 cups of tea if brewed only once. Just thirty two cents a cup. Less than a postage stamp and much more satisfying.

Although it might be considered rough to admit the resteeping of tea leaves, it is done frequently in my kitchen. The morning cup of tea is the caffeinated first steep while the evening steep is decaffeinated, allowing the enjoyment of tea later in the day. The thirty two cents spend for the first cup of tea averages to sixteen cents.

Living in Philadelphia means I will pass through Morgantown only on occasion, I will remember The Tea Shoppe with their large selection of tea when traveling in the area.


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