Thanksgiving in August

The 48 hours of stark contrasts began on a Tuesday morning when I woke having slept under a family quilt. The often-used yellow and white quilt had kept me warm on a cool night. That morning I was eager to start the day as it was In Service Day, the start of a new academic year. This year, there was a fresh food drive, the first for our school.

As I drove to work the morning sunlight was reaching through the leaves, the cloud-free blue skies were cheerful, and the cool morning air was peaceful, yet invigorating. My thoughts were on the watermelon, the chilies, and the eggplants packed for donation and I was thinking of the lemons I planned to pick up at the grocery store. i wondered what my coworkers would bring from their garden, the farmer’s market, or the grocery store. The fact I was in a position to make a donation made me thankful for the abundance of my life. I do not know the stress of the wondering how I will put food on the table or wondering how bills will be paid that week or

A generous amount of produce was donated at the fresh produce drive.
A generous amount of produce was donated at the fresh produce drive.

month. In other words, I was thankful for what I did have as well as what I do not have. In just an hour more than 200 pounds of food and more than $500 were collected. I was elated and happy at a successful food drive. That is, until…

Until the next day when The Worst First Day of School Ever occurred. Problems with unassigned assignments appearing in the course space. due date ranging from 2014 to 2017, problems with the publisher’s companion website no loading, and the two problems converging in one course. No course went unscathed. In short, problems never before experienced and requiring the assistance of a befuddled IT department. Not good. If I were a drinker, there would have been a bottle opened that night.

The first day of school has passed and I am back to feeling thankful for what I have and what I don’t have. The following is the post written after turning a negative into a positive.

When traveling to Saint Louis, I pass through western Maryland into West Virginia where all the scenery is beautiful, rest

The finished product is best toasted and with lots of butter.
The finished product is best toasted and with lots of butter.

stops give a person no reason to leave, and places to stretch your legs are few and far between. There is, however, a place I call Candy Land. It is a small market with half the store dedicated to penny candy; much of it chocolate. Here is a chance to walk the aisles and stretch my legs and an opportunity to pick up grocery items. On the most recent trip I opted to purchase candy, a few pieces of fruit, noodles, and a pack of dates. The perfect combination of nutrition-filled and nutrition-void car trip foods.  OK, not the noodles, they would be cooked and consumed at home.

The next time you pick up date I hope they are fresh and delicious. In either case you just might want to make this bread and be thankful for all you have.

Get the recipe here.


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